How the NRV Team helps Buyers

Buying a home can be an intimidating process for some, but it is also incredibly rewarding, especially in the New River Valley’s real estate market where beautiful and unique homes abound.

Helping our clients find a home that complements their personality and lifestyle is one of our favorite things. With over 60 years of experience, we are seasoned house hunters and negotiators, who know how to find the areas hidden gems, use detailed analysis to determine true market value, and negotiate the best price possible for our clients.

How we help you:

  • Listen to what you want, where you want to live, what's important to you, how much you can afford
  • Tour prospective properties with you, listening to what you like, what you don't like, understanding what will make your perfect home
  • Determine a fair market value for the home you want, what you should pay, not what is being asked
  • Create your purchase contract, with your opening offer. We'll advise you what conditions you should include in the offer to make this the right purchase for you
  • Guide you through the negotiation process to ensure a fair price is reached
  • Advise on and arrange various home inspections to make sure you know exactly what you're buying. Write any contract admendments to address any issues found
  • Coordinate closing with your mortgage company and your attorney or setttlement agent
  • Guide you through all the steps required for a succesful closing

We strive to make the search process enjoyable and as simple as possible. As with most things, the key is proper planning. Using old fashioned service combined with modern technology we help our clients consider what they truly want in a property, and then we help you find it.


Here are some initial questions to consider when you are thinking about a new home:

Home Style:Do you like traiditonal or contemporay homes? New construction or a touch of history? Bright & open homes or cozy & intimate?
Neighborhoods:What neighborhoods are you considering? Do you want quiet or convenient? Are particular school catchment areas important to you ?
Size & Home Details:How many bedrooms/baths do you need? Yard or patio? Garage? Do you need it move-in ready or are you prepared to do some renovations or repairs?
Price Range:How much can you afford? Before you start searching, it is wise to work with a lender and determine the monthly payment and price range that works best for you.

A home is a huge investment, but it’s also the place where some of life’s most important events happen. The NRV Team believes that it is not just selling houses but helping to build community. We want every client to have a home that helps them live and grow in a neighborhood they love.