Tonya and her family relocated to the New River Valley in 2008 from eastern Pennsylvania and immediately fell in love with the area. She currently lives in Blacksburg with her 2 children and two dogs. She attended Allentown Business School (now Penn State) where she got her degree in accounting & management marketing.

She made the transition to real estate because of her desire to meet new people and help them begin something new in their life. She began her real estate journey in 2010. She has learned the ins & outs of real estate from home sales & land purchases to subdividing & building. Having the right place to come home to is important. Tonya views home as not just “4 walls” but a part of who you are, and she enjoys helping you find it. When to sell? Where to buy? How can you make sure you’re getting a good deal? These are the questions she can help you answer. Let’s get started! Give her a call today.